William Henry, DVM, MS, DACVS

Co-Owner, Cape Cod Veterinary Specialists, Buzzards Bay, MA

With decades of experience in surgical care, teaching, research and leadership, Dr. Henry is one of the country's most prominent veterinary surgical specialists. He has worked with referring veterinarians and pet owners in New England for over 25 years in his private referral practice.

While skilled and experienced with virtually all aspects of veterinary surgical care, Dr. Henry's primary interests and areas of expertise include the diagnosis, medical management and surgical treatment of lameness, management of hip dysplasia, spinal disease, ear disease, complicated fracture care and knee joint injuries.

Veterinary medical care is advancing rapidly. The type of care that was only available in university hospitals, even 10 years ago, is now available in many private specialty veterinary practices like ours.

The United States is far ahead of the rest of the world in this level of veterinary care. Our colleges of specialty training are the models for other countries and aid in their development and resident training programs. That's why our animals are provided the best specialty veterinary care in the world.

I'm proud that my colleague, Dr. Briere, and I are able to give this level of care to patients in a private practice setting. It allows us to give the highest quality care in an environment that promotes personal service to pet owners and partnership with our referring veterinarians.

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