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Stith Keiser

Chief Executive Officer for Blue Heron Consulting

Stith Keiser is the Chief Executive Officer for Blue Heron Consulting (BHC). His team of consultants collaborates with new and seasoned practices owners alike to improve their lives and the lives of their team members while simultaneously enhancing client experience, building sustainable practice profitability and elevating the quality of care for pets.

In addition to consulting, his passion for veterinary management extends into his role as managing partner in a handful of veterinary practices. In partnering with friends who are new owners hungering for practice ownership and wishing to build a legacy, Stith allows them to achieve their goals through his role overseeing team development and leverage, operations and financial management.

Prior to his role at BHC, Stith was the founder and CEO of My Veterinary Career (MVC) which he sold to the American Animal Hospital Association in 2011 and managed until 2016.  His industry experience includes facilitating workshops at national and state veterinary conferences as well as writing for Veterinary Team Brief and AAHA’s Trends Magazine. Stith also conducts career development-related workshops for student clubs and organizations at veterinary schools across the country.   Most recently, Stith has been fortunate enough to collaborate on the development and delivery of professional development curriculum at several veterinary schools. He is also part of a team through Colorado State University College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences working under a federal grant to explore and design strategies for successful rural veterinary practice ownership.

Stith’s volunteer experience includes membership in VetPartners where he serves as co-chair of the Career Development Special Interest Group, participation in Washington State University’s CVM “Diagnostic Challenge” and serving on several task forces for the AVMA’s Economic Committee.

In his free time, Stith enjoys spending time with family and friends in the outdoors horseback riding, hiking and camping.

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