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Peter L Vogel, VMD, DACVS

Co-Medical Director, VCA West Coast Specialty, Fountain Valley, CA

Undergrad School: Cornell University
Veterinary school: University of Pennsylvania
Internship: California Animal Hospital 
Residency: University of CA, Davis
Why did you choose to become a Veterinary Surgeon? I chose to be a veterinary surgeon because I find the ability to resolve complex problems to be extremely satisfying, particularly in orthopedics. I enjoy the challenge and have an innate ability to visualize solutions. 
Why do you choose to practice at VCA West Coast? I chose West Coast because I wanted to be part of the most advanced specialty hospital in California. I enjoy practicing collaborative medicine in a multi-disciplinary environment. I love working with people who continually challenge me to be the best.
What do you enjoy doing outside of practicing medicine? Outside of practicing veterinary medicine, I enjoy travelling, diving, sailing, reading, and bowling!

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