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Dr. Pamela Kaiser

Owner/Operator, Animal Clinic of Mandarin, Jacksonville, FL

Dr. Pamela Kaiser currently owns and operates the Animal Clinic of Mandarin as a single doctor practice in Jacksonville, Florida since 2012. Prior to embarking on clinic ownership, Dr. Kaiser had worked as a staff veterinarian at a community shelter, a contract veterinarian for the American Army, an E.R. veterinarian in Canada and the United States, as an associate at the Animal Medical Surgical Hospital of Frisco, Texas, as well as, providing evening and weekend euthanasia services via her mobile services business, Pawsitively Mobile.

Dr. Kaiser is a graduate of the University of Prince Edward Island, Canada who came to the United States in 2004. Special interests include traveling with her partner Paul, spending time at the beach with her daughter Madeline. Dr. Kaiser currently has a Saint Bernard, Harry and 3 indoor cats.

Dr. Kaiser is a strong proponent of Trupanion insurance and Trupanion Express in her hospital. She is very grateful for a new way of reducing the financial barrier between veterinary pet care and the clients she is so committed to helping.

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