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Shelley Skedden

Atlantic Canada

Shelley Skedden has been with Trupanion since 2002. Shelley has been involved in the pet and animal health industry for over 31 years. First working for her family’s pet stores for over 15 years, and then moving to the wholesale market for the last 17 years. Shelley received her CPSA designation in 2004.

Shelley has always been an advocate for animal health insurance and when Trupanion came on the market she felt it was a perfect fit and was excited and proud to offer such a good program to her veterinary clientele. Shelly moved to Atlantic Canada in 2001 with her two dogs, Buddy, now 15 years old, and Ben who has passed. Murray is now her live stock guardian dog and lives with her 32 goats and 50 dairy cows; Shelley also grows organic vegetables for the farmers markets in her area.

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