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Nicole Thome

Orange County, California

Having spent the last 15 years in sales and marketing (primarly in technology and real estate industries), Nicole knew there had to be a way of combining her love of animals and sales background. As a native of Orange County, Nicole is thrilled to be representing Trupanion in sunny Southern California! 

Nicole discovered Trupanion by way of being a customer first. In 2009, her dog Daggit (pictured, pre-surgery) was diagnosed with bone cancer. Though her dog beat many odds and survived over 2 years with a terminal cancer, the huge vet bills led her to investigating pet insurance. She says, "I knew that I never again wanted to face those types of financial decisions … knowing that I needed to do what was best for my dog but wondering how to afford it all!" From that point forward, her pets have been insured. Today, she's 'owned' by three Shepherds and is also very active with German Shepherd rescue. 

Her goal as territory partner is to help hospitals proactively communicate the value of Trupanion with their clients so that finances never have to be a factor in their decision making. In her spare time, Nicole enjoys volunteering with rescue, hiking, paddleboarding, cooking and running half marathons.

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