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Michelle Rosen

MA, RI, Long Island, Chicago, and Indianapolis

Having dogs my entire life and a love for animals, I am very enthusiastic, yet very sincere about assisting my clinics to build a book of insured pet owners. I appreciate the integrity of Trupanion and have a strong belief in their mission statement & philosophy.


Who is fun, loving, responsible, self-disciplined & enthusiastic
Who is mother of Jordan & Eric (2-legged) Matty & Mia (4-legged)
Who loves my job by sincerely wanting to help educate vet clinics, and their pet owners
Who feels the need to think outside the box & get things done with results
Who needs her cell phone, ipad, and email at all times!
Who gives 100% to everything she does, always wanting to be on top
Who fears those that don’t see the value of pet insurance... Until it is too late!
Who would like to see all dogs and cats insured
Who shares her enthusiasm and sincerity with those I work with & work for
Who is an honest and caring individual 

Who is a resident of Marblehead, MASSACHUSETTS


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