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Kevin Campbell

North Maryland

Kevin has a diverse background which ranges from being a professor to owning and operating a small business. He is passionate about his pets and the human-animal bond. Kevin has been involved with Leonbergers since 1995 having raised puppies and welcomed rescues into the family. He is involved with conformation showing where he has been the proud owner-handler for Champions and Grand Champions. Kevin and his wife, Etsuko, both do therapy work with their dogs, where they witness the wonderful benefits of the human-animal bond and the joy pets can bring others. In fact Kevin met Etsuko at a nursing home where he took his boy Chase and Etsuko took her Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Allie, to give joy to the residents.

A combination of events led Kevin to Trupanion. He was in business with his older brother who decided to retire. In looking for a new direction that would combine his entrepreneurial spirit with his love for pets he found Trupanion. Fresh off two costly experiences with health issues within nine month for Grand Champion Chase, bloat and osteosarcoma, Kevin is well aware of the cost of veterinary care and the need for medical insurance for pets. Joining Trupanion was the right decision. He gets to use his business background, ability to relate to the veterinary community and teaching experience to educate pet owners about medical insurance for cats and dogs on a daily basis. He enjoys helping the pets we all love get the best medical care so they live long healthy lives and continue to give their gifts.

In his spare time Kevin enjoys family and outings with his dogs. He enjoys home improvement projects as he considers himself a bit of a handyman. When there is time you might find him on a golf course although that does not happen too often.

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