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Karen Belanger


Karen has worked in the pet and veterinary industry since the age of 16. While studying Biology at University, Karen worked part time at various veterinary hospitals. During her 6 years working as a veterinary receptionist and assistant, she saw all too often pet owners faced with the decision between finances and their pet’s well-being. It was during these emotionally draining times that Karen became a huge pet insurance advocate. Karen decided to turn her passion into a career by becoming one of the first territory partners with Trupanion in 2003.

She has enjoyed her position so much that she recently turned it into a family affair, her husband Chris followed suit to become a Territory Partner with Trupanion in 2008. When they have some spare time, “The Dynamic Duo” enjoy camping, hiking, ultimate Frisbee, and chasing after their Labrador Retriever “Titan”.

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