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Holly Hahn

South Seattle

Holly joined Trupanion in March of 2014. Being a policy owner and having many experiences with Trupanion has helped solidify Holly’s passion for spreading the word on the importance of quality pet insurance. She has two doodles (even though one doesn’t look very doodly) and a cat. Her favorite activity is taking Kizmet and Chaos, her doodles, to any of the local dog parks to chase balls and make friends.

Knowing that her pets have been protected with Trupanion since the day they came home gives her piece of mind that she feels everyone with a pet deserves to have.
“It’s like wearing a seat belt every time you get in the car. You don’t hope to use it, but it’s there to keep you as safe as possible. I love being able to go in and show people the amazing value that Trupanion provides. Knowing that every pet owner I reach provides a ‘seat belt’ for that cat or dog, that it may not otherwise be wearing.”

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