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David Rawlings

British Columbia

I was the first Vetinsurance TP in Canada. I Started introducing Vancouver Pet Clinics to the Great new Pet Insurance Product created by my Son Darryl Rawlings. In those early days in year 2000 when there was Darryl, Ronaye & Myself who took on the challenge of introducing the local Veterinarians to a whole new concept in insuring dogs & cats for unforeseen medical circumstances that required medical support. The success of Vetinsurance in Vancouver and later in Victoria with the support of Dr. Basterfield, Vetinsurance soon caught the attention of Maveron and plans were soon put in motion to introduce Vetinsurance to the U.S. Market under the brand name of Trupanion. The rest of the tremendous growth history is now pretty well documented.

In the early years I traveled to the clinics with my beloved Breeann, a beautiful grey Bouvier de Flanders. She would be waiting at the door every morning to make sure I did not head out for the day without her companionship. She would watch the door of the clinics I visited until I returned to all kinds of kisses.

Since my heritage is 50 % Scottish, 25 % English & 25% Welsh, I would at this point would like to visit Scotland.

My favorite thing to do is to be out cruising either on my motorcycle or on a world class cruise ship with Lorinda, the love of my life. We have now being together for 51 Years & married for 48 years.

I love working for Trupanion due to my love of dogs & cats. Trupanion has also has made it possible to work with my sons, David and Darryl, along with Lorinda, on a daily basis. There is nothing in life that could be more rewarding than working with one’s family.

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