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David Milan

TP Associate - Alberta

I've always enjoyed the company of animals. Growing up with cats and dogs in the house created some of my greatest childhood memories.

After seeing the benefits of Trupanion first hand when my dog was sick in 2015, I was lucky enough to join the Trupanion team.

All pet owners have lost a dear four-legged friend at some point in their lives. Losing Winston was heartbreaking. Luckily Winston had Trupanion; his treatments allowed him to live an additional six months pain-free. Those six months were such a blessing. Having additional time with my little buddy was the best gift of all! This experience solidified the importance of medical insurance for your pet and made me a Trupanion advocate. Trupanion was there to help Winston when he really needed it.

I'm proud to be part of such a great company! In my spare time, I enjoy mountain biking and exploring the island.

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