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Brittani Weeks

TP Associate - South Seattle

I love that animals are so pure and full of love.

I have had pets by my side my entire life, and currently have a cat and a dog.

My old man cat is a gray domestic medium hair kitty named Trouble. I've had him since he was a kitten, and he likes to constantly get into mischief. He may be Trouble, but I love my kitty.

The light of my life goes by the name of Willis, and he is the most handsome Pembroke Corgi that you'll ever lay your eyes on. In my free time I enjoy snuggling with them and keeping up with Willis's Instagram.

I previously worked for an animal hospital for 6 years, and I that's really where I found a true passion to help animals and the humans who love them.

In a perfect world, there isn't a single dog or cat that can't get the health care that they deserve. Trupanion is amazing because it provides a better chance for that to become less of a farfetched idea for pet parents.

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