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Tessa Humphrey

Team Lead, Claims Support

How long have you worked at Trupanion?

October 2011

What’s your role at the company?

Team Lead, Claims Support

Do you have any pets? If so, what kind and what are their names?

I have 3 dogs and a cat! Joe (a Chihuahua mix), Gary (a Bassett Hound mix), Loretta (a Sheltie mix), and Tigg (the only cat, although he doesn’t know he is any different than the dogs).  To say the least, my home is not short on personality and they keep every day interesting and challenging!

Do you have a favorite story you want to share about your pet(s)? 

All rescues, they each have overcome difficult pasts and face their own challenges because of that. I love to see them thriving and happy!

My favorite thing to do is:

I love to cook!

What I like about working at Trupanion:  

I love the laid back atmosphere that having pets in the office brings. It is hard to have a bad day with so many puppy faces around!

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