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Taylor Roberts

Claims Assistant

My first day at Trupanion was June 18th, 2014, four days after college graduation and moving to Seattle. My position at Trupanion is a Junior Claims Assistant. I have a three year old, male Golden Retriever named Ryder. I haven’t brought Ryder in yet, he’s still very much an excited puppy. I will bring him in soon though! 

My favorite story of my hero dog: My grandparents live on the Hood Canal. Years ago, a windsurfing board washed up on their beach. In the summer of 2013, my family was over their visiting. I took my four year old niece, Blaekly, out on the surfboard just paddling around with Ryder swimming right beside us. Ryder tried climbing up on the surfboard, which resulted in knocking Blaekly off into the water. She had a life jacket on of course, but it still scared her. She began crying and screaming as I quickly put her back on the surfboard. There is a rope attached to the front of the board, which Ryder, without skipping a beat, grabbed and swam us back to the beach. He was rescuing his favorite little girl! It was awesome. 

I love being in the mountains! Snowboarding and hiking are my favorite things to do. It’s just really nice to get away and embrace nature’s beauty. I also skateboard and wakeboard when I can. If I could go anywhere in the world right now, I would have to choose New Zealand. I was fortunate enough to visit Australia when I was 18. I really like the culture in that area of the world. I would be in heaven if I could snowboard and surf in the same day! 

What I like about working at Trupanion is the non-traditional office setting. I love seeing dogs and cats everywhere and you can just feel the love for pets from absolutely everyone! It’s great.

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