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Rachel Rhea

Recruiting Manager

Animals have always been a part of Rachel’s life. Beginning with Squeaker, her childhood pet rat, to the present day Rhea Pack of 2 cats and 2 dogs, Rachel has never been without a furry four legged pal. Every creature deserves love, care, and a safe place to live. After 4 years working in a veterinary clinic, Rachel joined the Trupanion Claims Support Department. She spent 2 years learning the ins and outs of claims processing, and in that time helped grow the claims staff from 6 to 45 employees. In January 2013 Rachel joined the HR Team to begin a career in Recruiting. She loves bringing her dogs to work (they’re an essential part of the interview process) and she’s thrilled to be part of such a compassionate company.

Outside of work, the Rhea Pack are outdoor enthusiasts! They love to spend sunny Pacific Northwest days camping, canoeing, hiking, or swimming in the lakes near Seattle.

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