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Pamela Olson

Medical Record Review

My name is Pamela, I have been at Trupanion since February 2012. I have worked in the veterinary field since 2008. I am originally from MinneSNOWta but have lived in Washington for 16 years. (minus a short stint in Texas) I recently moved back to welcome my magical granddaughter Fiona Louise into the world and have been in love ever since. Although I do not have any pets at the moment, I am surrounded by the love of furry friends at work and in my life. I am content being the best “Auntie” to all of them until I have another one of my own. When I am not working I like to paint portraits of people’s pets, giving them something in which honors that unconditional bond pets can give to us if I’m not painting, I am spending time with family and friends.

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