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Nicole Thomson

Junior Graphic Designer

Nicole Thomson joined the Trupanion team in October of 2013 shortly after her graduation from Cornish College of the Arts where she received her Bachelors of Fine Arts in Visual Communications. As Junior Designer at Trupanion, Nicole helps the Brand Team develop the company’s Marketing Materials, pushing the brand forward and diligently using her creative juices to make the design coming out of Trupanion the best it can be.

With her sidekick Padfoot – the German Shepherd/Corgi mix, Nicole spends most of her time boxing, walking the sidekick, hiking with the sidekick, and sleeping with the sidekick. Nicole also enjoys eating at her favorite restaurants in town and traveling Washington to drink wine, view the ocean, check out the rain forest and jumping out of airplanes for a better view of the city.

Nicole looks forward to Trupanion’s possibilities as a company and where they might take her. For now, Padfoot sleeps at her feet in the office and dreams of rabbits and squirrel chases.

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