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MJ Manwell

Director, Veterinary Engagement Team

MJ keeps the claims data acquisition, receipt, and routing processes flowing smoothly in her role managing the Claims Support Department. After joining the Data Team in 2009, as one of 3 Data Assistants, MJ was certain that a career with Trupanion was what she wanted most. What could be better than devoting years of hard work to a company dedicated to those furry four-legged family members? Without hesitation, in 2010, she took on the role of Claims Data Lead, and in 2011, she was promoted to Claims Data Manager. By early 2012, the Claims Data Department was no longer just a team of Data Assistants, but had grown to include an additional role to support the claims process, the Claims Assistant. Both the Data and Claims Assisting teams focus on initiating and supporting the Claims Process and, together, make up what is now the Claims Support Department, a team of animal-loving, enthusiastic employees worth bragging about...And, she does, often!

Before finding where she belongs, at Trupanion, MJ was a Military Police Officer, stationed in Germany. After her enlistment, she returned to where she grew up to spend several years working as an Installation Security Supervisor at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, but she eventually chose to return to Seattle, Washington, where her parents retired. Once settled in Seattle, she re-enlisted in the service to become a Military Court Reporter in the Army Reserve, while pursuing her Bachelor’s Degree at the University of Washington. It was then that she found her start with Trupanion.

MJ shares her life with the four boys she loves the most, her sons, Austin (11) and Jacob (7), and her two cats, Kashmere and Zoso. When not at work, she can be found spending time with her boys (all four of them), away at some sort of military training, or elbow-deep in school books, so she can finish her final year of courses at the UW. And, though she doesn't have any dogs at home to share her off time with (YET!), she shares her heart with the many special pups she gets to spend her work days with at the Trupanion Office.

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