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Jennifer Jarboe

Medical Record Reviewer

I've been with Trupanion since August 2014 at the coaxing of a friend who couldn't stop talking about how great it was to work for them. (Thank you!!)

Previously I've worked as a Vet Assistant at both a day practice and an ER hospital. I occasionally miss the hospital environment (fast pace, fractious cats, puppies & kitten season!!, etc) but I couldn't be happier. It is very rewarding hearing about how what we do helps families to enjoy a longer, healthier life with their furry family members.

Outside of work, my Shiba Inu named Niku and tuxedo cat named Hemi keep me covered in fur and entertain me endlessly with their antics. Prior to adopting Niku as an older, “previously loved” pet, I had an Aussie/Border Collie/Lab mix named Scout who became very sick at 3 years old. We said goodbye much too soon, and I can’t help but think that if we’d known about Trupanion then, well, we may have enjoyed many addiional years together. She was my inspiration for moving to working in the ER, and my motivation for spreading word about how valuable pet insurance can be. Have you signed up yet?

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