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Heather Kalinowski

Communications & Events Director

Heather joined Trupanion in July 2010. She has held several roles in the company, but is relishing her most recent role in communications and events.

One of Trupanion’s corporate objectives is to create and maintain a happy, fulfilled workforce. This includes over 400 employees and their pets (Trupanion is a pet-friendly environment and pets are top-of-mind in all projects and initiatives) and a national sales force of 50+. Heather enjoys working collaboratively and creatively to engage this workforce, to meet the company objective.

Heather’s team is also responsible for representing the Trupanion brand at local events, national conferences and trade shows, and through national sponsorships. Her reputation for being “rigidly organized” helps her control all the moving pieces that come with planning large events.

Outside the office, Heather enjoys spending time with her family – including her first two “kids”: An Italian Greyhound named Ava, and a Spaniel mix named Jackson.

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