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Autumn Scott

Senior Claims Specialist

How long have you worked at Trupanion?

Since June of 2013.

What’s your role at the company?

I am a Senior Claims Specialist.

Do you have any pets? If so, what kind and what are their names?

I have four furry children. Cowboy is a 12-year-old American Paint horse, Athena an Australian Cattle Dog, Luna a Domestic Shorthair, Pilgrim a Domestic Longhair, plus a large assortment of tropical fish.

Do you bring your pets to work?

Yes, Athena comes to work with me. Pilgrim has made a few appearances as well. Both LOVE the attention and especially the excessive amounts of treats they get when in the office. Luna has a bit of an attitude and prefers helping me work from home.

Do you have a favorite story you want to share about your pet(s)?

Everyone always gets a little intimidated when they first meet my horse because he’s over 7 f33t tall and weighs about 1200 pounds! They are, however, always pleasantly surprised that his personality resembles that of a Labrador. He does not realize how big he truly is. He will do just about anything for cookies. He loves rolling barrels around the arena and finding new things around the barn to play with.

My favorite thing to do is:

Some of my favorite activities are horseback riding and showing my horse. We have quite the competitive streak. I enjoy exploring around the coast and forests in Washington. Hiking new trails with Athena. When not constantly on the move, I enjoy curling up with my cats and a good novel.

If I could go anywhere in the world it would be:

I would love to visit Europe someday. The Spanish Riding School of Vienna, Austria and Ireland are on the top of my list.

What I like about working at Trupanion:

It’s such a fantastic place to work at! Everyone is so friendly and we all share one common passion of loving pets. Even though I’m no longer working in a hospital environment taking care of my patients physically, I still feel very involved and know I am providing the best care possible for my clients and their pets.  It’s wonderful to get emails or phone calls from owners who wouldn’t have been able to provide the care for their critically ill pet without the help from us here at Trupanion. I am so proud to say I work here!

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