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Amanda Torre

Assistant Team Lead, Claims Specialist

I started working for Trupanion in August 2014 as a Claims Specialist. I have the 2 cutest black cats on the planet. Blinky is 9 and long-haired. Susie is my short-haired girl, and she is 3. Both of them are too spoiled for me to admit. Susie is the adventurous one. She comes to work about once a week dressed in her pink harness. For some reason, Blinky has always enjoyed sitting like a person. He folds his little spine, and splays his legs out in front of him making himself look like a fluffy little human. One day my Grandma was visiting me and she came running up to me yelling that Blinky had broken his back. Naturally, I freaked out. We both went running up to him and there he was, sitting on the couch looking up at me. I burst out laughing. I will never forget the panic in my Grandma’s face concerning my oh-so-relaxed kitty. 

Traveling is absolutely my favorite thing to do. As soon as I return from visiting a new place, I am already planning my next trip. I’ve been quite a few places, but I am dying to visit Thailand. I’m a big fan of spicy food and visiting an elephant sanctuary would be incredible. 

I love working for Trupanion because every time I punch in to work, I am helping a family. I’ve worked in a clinic, and I’ve seen the financial struggle pet owners face every day. There is just nothing like processing a claim knowing someone is able to give their pet the care he deserves.

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