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Stephen Rose

General Manager Trupanion Australia

Dr Stephen Rose brings experience of a practicing and hospital owning veterinarian of 2 decades, having built his own full-service veterinary hospital from the ground up. He is also a qualified veterinary acupuncturist with certification in Chinese Veterinary Herbal Medicine. In 2018 he was awarded the University Medal for academic achievement on completion of a Masters Degree in Information Technology with a specialty in network security and data science.

He worked subsequently within an agile software development team delivering payment solutions within the veterinary industry with one of Australia’s largest pet insurers before founding Trupanion In Australia. His goal is to simply bring the Trupanion experience to pet loving families in Australia. He is entrepreneurial by nature with a focus on his life-long passion for the care and welfare of animals, Steve brings a local understanding of the Australian Veterinary industry to the Trupanion experience.

Steve is married to a veterinarian turned university librarian, has 2 kids, 1 cat Arwen, 2 dogs Kallen and Wiley, 2 horses, 2 chickens and 3 lucky ducks.

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