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Margi Tooth

Chief Revenue Officer

Margi Tooth joined Trupanion in October 2013 from the UK to lead the Digital Marketing focus. With over 7 years’ experience in the pet insurance industry, Margi has worked extensively in the digital space to increase the value of the web to both pet owners and those who work with pets. Her focus with Trupanion is around harnessing the myriad of digital tools available to support Trupanion as a leading pet insurance provider. Most recently, Margi was promoted to Chief Marketing Officer on Trupanion's leadership team.

With experience in research, asset management marketing and many years spent with the World’s largest pet insurance provider, Margi brings with her a wealth of knowledge which will help Trupanion grow as the best in class.

Margi moved to Seattle with her husband, two young sons and Bernard The Cat. Having grown up on a farm and spent hours dreaming of becoming a vet, she channels her animal loving nature in other ways. Her deep rooted love of pets means she can’t help evangelize about the importance of pet insurance to pretty much anyone she meets!

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