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Darryl Rawlings


The Trupanion team is headed up by Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Darryl Rawlings. Darryl is an animal lover who brought transparency and value to medical insurance for cats and dogs, driven by the mission “to help the pets we all love receive the best veterinary care.” His appreciation of the special relationship between pets, pet owners, and veterinarians led him to invent a new kind of medical insurance for cats and dogs. The Trupanion policy was designed in partnership with veterinarians to ensure that pet owners and veterinarians can make the best decisions about a pet’s health, so they can focus on the pet's recovery, not the pet owner’s finances.

In the Trupanion offices, Darryl is a progressive leader focused on transparency and employee fulfillment. He’s a very involved CEO who keeps a pulse on his employees, continually addressing challenges and driving change. In fact, his desk sits in the middle of one of the front lines of the business, the Contact Center, to ensure he stays grounded and in tune with employee and pet owner interests. Staying true to the passion that built Trupanion, Darryl encourages every employee to bring their pets to work and employs a Pet Director and professional dog walking service to ensure the pets are well taken care of while at the office. Subsequently, after experiencing the high cost of quality childcare in the US compared to Canada, he made a vow to employees to build a free onsite childcare center — a promise he kept in January 2015 when the doors opened.

As Trupanion’s CEO for more than 15 years, Darryl is the longest-sitting CEO of a medical insurance company for pets in North America. Darryl strives to maintain a healthy work-life balance between building the world’s best provider of medical insurance for cats and dogs and spending time with his family. He married the love of his life, Caroline, in 2003 and they enjoy adventures with their two young sons, Sam and Bennett, their English Bulldog Tristen, cat Hallie, and parakeet Q. When Darryl is not in the office advocating for veterinarians, pet owners, and pets, he likes to spend as much time in the water with his family as he can — they can often be found enjoying the sunshine from their boat. Darryl is also passionate about surfing and, true to his Canadian roots, hockey.


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