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Murray Low

Professor, Columbia Business School

Murray Low was a crucial advisor at Trupanion's inception and now serves as Chairman of its board of directors. An argument could be made that Murray also should give a first-person testimonial for the value of Trupanion's product and service, as his terrier, "Lucky," for awhile was not, and generated significant claims activity.

"Lucky was lucky we had pet insurance!" Murray says. The black toy poodle pictured with Murray is Lucky's little sister, Maggie.

Professor Low (Murray has been a professor at Columbia Business School since 1990) is the Director of the Entrepreneurship Education at Eugene M. Lang Center for Entrepreneurship at Columbia Business School. Since January 1996, he has been president of Low & Associates, a consulting firm. Professor Low received a Ph.D. in Entrepreneurial Management from the University of Pennsylvania.

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